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【2nd/3rd Oct】ASIAN'S GATHERING ーGlobal Youth Forum-Challenge

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【2nd/3rd Oct】ASIAN'S GATHERING ーGlobal Youth Forum-Challenge

Online Forum for Asian Youth:アジアのユースのためのオンラインフォーラム

Blue-Green Economy- An Answer to Our Global Issues


Today’s world needs a new paradigm for doing business while ensuring the maintenance of biodiversity and its values. Since 2010, a new approach has been introduced to the principle of sustainable development, a principle that was introduced earlier in the 21st century as a response to global issues. The new approach is known as the Blue and Green Economy concept which aims to challenge current economic systems that privilege economic growth at the expense of environmental sustainability and social and economic equity.


To help the world address the challenges of an economic transition, Tiger Mov, Inc. launched the Blue and Green Economy International Event Series
Given the high level of diversity in political, economic, historic, and cultural terms, this forum provides an opportunity for the young generation to conduct comparative analysis and discussion to obtain a holistic framework about Blue and Green Economy. In the future, this framework will be a reference in contributing roles that next-generation leaders will be given. 

タイガーモブは、このような経済移行の課題に取り組むために、「ブルー・グリーンエコノミー インターナショナル イベントシリーズ」を立ち上げました!

In this event, we will learn together with experts/activists who are experienced in running a Blue and Green Economy. In addition, in this short 2 days event, we will simulate how to play a role as country delegates in the international forums and discuss global issues. So, Let’s take part in this great opportunity! Be a critical and broad-minded citizen!



■Who can join? こんなひとに参加してほしい!

  •    - Anyone who is interested in environmental issues (16-30 years old)
  •   環境問題に関心がある16-30歳の人ならだれでも!
  •    - Willing to speak English

■Benefits 得られる経験

  •    - Experience socializing in the international community that adds courage to speak English and develop communication skills
  •    - Practice critical thinking, creative and solution making to the complexity of global problems
  •    - Build a network to open up the future through collaborative power, discussion, and presentation
  •    - Learn from the expert experiences
  •    - Issuance of program completion E-certificate


  • ■Date & Time イベント日程

    Saturday & Sunday, 2-3 October 2021-
    16.00-18.40 JST

     > Online at Zoom (Link will be share one day before)

  • ■Guest Profile ゲストプロフィール: 

    1.  <Fano Alfian Ardyansyah – CEO of Ailesh Power Indonesia>


  • Fano Alfian has a strong vision to pursue a circular economy with Ailesh Group as CEO. Fano is also highly interested in business analysis with solid ability in developing strategies, risk management, and feasibility studies due to his current activities in catalyzing startup and small-medium enterprise ecosystem as a business development assistant. He loves to research and development in the area of circular economy and life cycle thinking.

    Contact : fanoalfian@aileshpower.com / http://www.linkedin.com/in/fanoalfian

    Company website: https://www.aileshpower.com/

    <Shuhei Tashiro -Sustainable Ocean Alliance Japan>
  • Shuhei Tashiro is a social entrepreneur and aspiring anthropologist. His current master's studies at Heidelberg University draws on anthropological and transcultural perspective to better understand the different ways people dwell in the Anthropocene. He also co-directs Ecological Memes, a Japan-based community of regenerators. As co-founder of Sustainable Ocean Alliance Japan, Shuhei has coordinated various projects and campaigns to advance the agenda of ocean sustainability. His passions include diving, DIY, and writing on topics such as activism, culture, and philosophy.
    SOA Japan: https://www.soajapan.org/

    • ■Facilitator:  ファシリテーター:
    • Sevina Rahmi

    • Graduated from Faculty of Biology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Interested in studying and taking part in environmental issues. My interest in environmental issues has driven me to carry out various researches that have been published nationally and internationally. In addition, during college, I participated in many Islamic and scientific student organization activities which led to many opportunities to visit various places that train my adaptation skills. I've been to Korea for one week to do publication, 2 months in remote areas to do community service, 1 month in the wild in a national park, 3 months internship at an energy company. Currently doing my internship at TigerMov, this gives me the opportunity to explore my interests in a wider environment! 

  • Apply here! 

  • ■Event detail イベント詳細

    Day 1 : 2nd Oct 16:00-18:30 (JST) 

    Workshop 1 (Green Economy): ‘Integrating “Green” Into Your Business: Issues, Opportunities and Challenge’

    Workshop 2 ( Blue Economy): ‘Presenting “Green” to the “Blue”: developing nature-based solutions for pollution to support the sustainability of blue ecosystem’. 

    Objectives of the workshop sessions: 

    • To identify and share case studies from focal countries, emphasizing gaps in understanding business and its social and environmental implications, and how these are being addressed within the Blue and Green Economy approached 
    • To present recent findings and methods of the project 
    • To clarify the boundaries of the intractable challenge that the Blue and Green Economy approached are addressing, and demonstrate how we have created an impact, and the plans to continue building on this impact 

    Day 2 : 3rd of Oct 16:00-18:30 (JST)

    Group Discussion & Presentation: How far do Asian Countries apply this Blue-Economy Concept to representative sectors?