TOP/海外インターンシップを見つける/【6/24~7/8開催!】オンラインSDGsキャンプ 『Online ACT』1st batch

【6/24~7/8開催!】オンラインSDGsキャンプ 『Online ACT』1st batch



  • インドネシア,オンライン
  • 社会課題解決/SDGsに挑む,短期合宿型





Bali produces more than 1300 M3 of waste per day, that is the same filling an entire soccer field with waste everyday! 




Most waste in Bali is unsorted. Some of it burned at home, some dumped illegally on empty field or river, and many ended up on the landfill; a trash mountain that keep on growing every day, with no solution.



What you will gain from this experience:

1.Skills for launching online campaigns for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

  1. 2.Opportunity to learn directly from four successful change-maker organisations: su-re.co, Bye Bye Plastic Bags Bali, Malu Dong Community and CINEMAWITHOUTWALL
  2. 3. International problem solving experience, including conducting interviews in English, Generate ideas and prototype, Innovation pitching, and Media & Content Creation
  3. 4.Contribution towards a sustainable society






Solution - See and Act with Film!


As a global youth, you can make a difference with only your smartphone! 

You may ask, “but we cannot travel to Bali, how can we make a change”?

Sustainability and Resilience co. (su-re.co), an environmental Think-Do-Be tank members, led by Dr. Takeshi Takama who is an International Climate Change and Environment expert with an Environment PhD from Oxford University, will help you feel like you are in Bali. 


You will SEE what is happening in balinese household, conduct VIRTUAL INTERVIEW with local balinese, local NGO, youth changemakers and private waste management company, and THINK of ideas local balinese can do to solve their waste problem.

You will also help us by capturing your waste story from your country. Most Indonesians are not familiar with separating their waste. So you need to capture your ideas in VISUALS that can be: video, drawing, photo, prototype, etc.

The founder of CINEMAWITHOUTWALL, a multimedia crowdsourcing hub that uses visuals to make social impact based in Bali, will help you curate and edit your idea to form a powerful message that will be understood easily for local community.







Observe - Orient - Decide and ACT!


Enter the island of Bali, where strong tradition meets South East Asia’s largest economy. You will be observing….


Inside the typical Balinese Household. 

A bustling scene at Bali’s largest fruit and vegetable market

(source: https://wisatatempat.com/belanja-murah-di-bali/)

A Hindu praying ceremony

Waste management areas - Official and unofficial



You will analyze your findings, and identify bottlenecks. You will receive workshops by four notable sustainability and social change-maker organisations based in Bali.



In the second half of the program, you will create a visual prototype (can be a poster, video, comic, etc.) based on your observations. You will be aided by professional film makers and graphic designers to create your content!

You will test the suitability of the prototype with real-life Balinese people and your mentors, who will be the user of your campaign. 





You will present your final prototype in front of the judges, the winning campaign will be launched for real by su-re.co, Bye Bye Plastic Bags Bali and Malu Dong Community!


Mentor:su-re.co’s Radhya and Maya have mentored multiple field researches, international workshops, internships and innovation camps. Together they will help participants connect on a deeper level to Bali’s local community. As part of the business team, Radhya and Maya are practitioners of OODA Loop themselves as they continue to improve su-re.co’s climate smart gifts: su-re.coffee and su-re.cocoa. They will guide participants to create their own feasible yet innovative campaign tailored for the Balinese community.

CINEMAWITHOUTWALL’s founder Caecilia was able to host an international film lab attended by participants from 7 countries by the time she was 25!   CINEMAWITHOUTWALL is now a multimedia crowdsourcing hub that uses visuals to make social impact based in Bali. In the program Caecilia will help you create and edit your idea to form a powerful message that will be understood easily by the local community.

最終的には、審査員の前でそれぞれのプロットタイプを発表してもらい、優秀作品は、実際に su-re.co, Bye Bye Plastic Bags Bali and Malu Dong Communityで本格的にプロジェクトが開始されます!






It does not stop here!

After the campaign is launched, we will track how much of a change the campaign make, gather the data again and find out more problems that we will solve together!





It is possible to interview the following organizations and activists.

  1. 下記の団体やアクティビストにインタビューが可能です。
  1. 4Oceans
  2. Bye Bye Plastic Bags
  3. eco Bali
  4. Organic Coffee Farmer
  5. Organic Rice Farmer
  6. Environmental Expart (su-re.co member)
  7. Green School
  8. etc…


The following places allow you to experience visiting while you are in Japan.

  1. 日本にいながら、下記の場所に「訪問」できます。
  1. Garbage Mountain
  2. Polluted Rivers
  3. Trash-filled Beach
  4. Farmers with no lifeline
  5. etc…


・Leadership Skill

・Creativity Skill

・Teamwork Skill

・Problem Solve Skill

・Project Manegement Skill

・Communicate with Activist in English

・Solve Global Climate Change Problem

・Ability to Solve Problems Online


People who wants to be a leader who moves the times
People who are interested in social issues
People who want to solve the climate change problem
People who want to create sustainable energy


インドネシア オンライン

24th June - 8th July 2020


24th June(Wed)

-04:00 - 06:00 (PM/JST): Introduction of Bali Life, Observe Waste Problem in Bali (landfill and waste around beach), and Case Study I: household trash journey comparison in Bali and Japan.


25th(Thu)/26th(Fri) June

- Self Research: Research questions development for ByeByePlasticBags workshop and design campaign prototype I


27th June(Sat)

- 04:00 - 05:00 (PM/JST): Workshop with Youth Changemakers: the journey of ByeByePlasticBags and waste in Bali


28th June(Sun)

- 04:00 - 05:30 (PM/JST): Observe Waste Problem in Bali (Residences, Subak, and Temples), campaign prototype draft I, Case Study II: how to manage social media strategy to reach Balinese locals and stakeholders


29 June (Mon)

- Self Development: Reaserch questions development for MALU DONG workshop


30th June (Tue) & 1 st July (Wed)

- 04:00 - 05:30 (PM/JST): MALU DONG workshop (Tue), trash journey comparison  and discussion in Bali and Japan (Wed) with MALU DONG.


2nd July (Thu) 

-  Self Research: Campaign prototype draft II


3rd July (Fri)

- 04:00 - 05:30 (PM/JST): Mentor consultation: waste and audience’s information needed for the campaign


4th July (Sat)

- 04:00 - 05:30 (PM/JST): Last NGO’s workshop on waste problem in Bali


5th July (Sun) 

- 04:00 - 5:30 (PM/JST): Final campaign prototype and CinemaWithout Wall workshop: tips to make informative poster and video for Waste Campaign


6th July (Mon)

- 04:00 - 05:30 (PM/JST): Final consultation with CinemaWithoutWall


7th July (Tue)

- 04:00 - 06:00 (PM/JST): Waste Campaign Presentation Preparation 


8th July (Wed)

- 04:00 - 06:00 (PM/JST): Waste Campaign Presentation, onlineACT Reflection, and Closing






Participation fee: 

70,000 yen excluding tax (50,000 yen for students)


Passion to Solve Social Problems
English level of daily conversation











Su-re.co(Sustainability and Resilience.Co)は、2015年に設立されたインドネシアのバリ島に拠点を置く環境シンクタンクです。気候変動の適応と緩和を専門としており、JICAや国際機関など多くの国際的プロジェクトに参画しています。また、”Think”タンクとしてではなく、”Do”タンクとして、現地のパートナーと実際にアクションを起こすプロジェクトにも取り組んでいます。


【メンター紹介】高間剛 - CEO, Sustainability and Resilience.Co




1973年愛知県生まれ。英国オックスフォード大学大学院博士課程修了。経済地理学博士。インドネシア・バリを拠点とする環境シンクタンク Sure-co CEO。気候変動・環境分野の専門家として、国際的なシンクタンクであるストックホルム環境研究所やJICA、国連など多くのプロジェクトに従事。














◆荒畦 悟さんからの応援メッセージ



高校生のGROWTH HUB主催 荒畦 悟 さん



高校時代の海外体験は、短い期間であっても若い好奇心や感受性を刺激し、 その後の進路選択やモチベーションに大きな変化を生むことは間違いありません。 また、高い目標、志をもつ先輩や仲間と出会えるコミュニティにこのタイミングで出会えることは、その後の人生の選択肢を増やすことに繋がり、皆さんの価値観を広げ、成長を加速させてくれるでしょう。







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